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History of TJ's (Formerly the British Tar)

The building on the right is the British Tar of 1808. The front of the upper storey is covered with mathematical tiles, i.e. imitation bricks to avoid the brick tax, and is the only example of these in Gravesend. The lower story is brick and the rear weatherboard, a curious example of use of different materials.

The Clock Tower, c. 1930. This tower was built in 1887 as a memorial to Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee at a total cost of £ 1,097. The architect was John Johnson, who with Alfred Meeson was architect of the Alexandra Palace. To the left can be seen one of the twenty-seater Dennis Buses of the Gravesend & District Bus Company, which operated a service from here to Perry Street from 1925, and later to Waterdales via Darnley Road.

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